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The Bremont Jaguar MKIII Is All About The E-Type’s Vibe

Bremont Jaguar MKIII

British luxury watchmaker Bremont has decided to extend Jaguar’s collection of watches by introducing the exquisite Jaguar MKIII watch, a new lovely timepiece which shows off a powerful and elegant E-Type vibe.

This new Bremont for Jaguar watch comes with a 43 mm polished steel case, with its dial featuring the date window at the six o’clock position while carrying the Jaguar heritage logo right above.

Inspired by the Jaguar E-Type instruments, this dial of this watch features a distinctive ‘red line’ quadrant between three and four o’clock, as well as a perforated ‘racing’ strap in true ‘60s style.

Bremont Jaguar MKIII

Turning the MKIII over reveals even more automotive inspiration, as the closed case back was inspired by the wheel center detailing of the E-Type. Jaguar’s Director of Design Ian Callum and the design team at Bremont focused on the vehicle’s dashboard for this wonderful timepiece, which is surely a great addition to the Bremont Jaguar collection.

This line of Jaguar-themed watches was meant to capture the spirit of what is unquestionably one of the most beautifully designed sports cars of all time.

Bremont Jaguar MKIII


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