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The Bora Bora TV Bathtub is as great as it sounds

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Many of us think that taking a bath or relaxing into the bathtub should also present some ways of entertainment, besides the feeling it provides. Thus, we present you the Bora Bora TV Bathtub, a bathroom amenity that brings gadgets into the world of relaxation.

Atesia have integrated one of their S line acrylic-based Bora Bora 15-inch LCD TVs into this tub. It also comprises a Jacuzzi-style full-body massage system, totaling 12 individual jets: 2 for thigh-massage, 2 for lower-leg massage, 4 for a powerful leg massage and additional 4 for energetic back massage.

Safety and hygiene is a top priority as well, besides comfort, the company having used trap Abaufgarniturs and Beck siphons, to avoid unwanted smells, germs and leakage. Being painted in a nice white tone, this bathtub is totally alkali free and it’s made out of state-of-the-art 7-8mm-thick sanitary acrylic.

There is also a soft-touch LCD display and control panel from which one can control each of the many functions of the tub’s gadgetry, among which there are also an external CD-drive, an FM radio system, underwater lighting, to make one feel like being in an enjoyable spa, and a load of other relaxation-related amenities.

The custom taps and faucets are all chromed; the hand-shower is sealed with ceramics, while the bathtub’s white color is guaranteed by the producers to remain shiny for more than a year. One more advantage: the water stays warmer for more time than in a conventional bathtub, due to the materials and isolations particularly used here. The price – an affordable $5,733.

[Atesia via BornRich]

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