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The Bespoke Corner, Rolls-Royce and Tuxedos!

The Bespoke Corner

That sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Rolls-Royce has made an unexpected move lately, joining forces with the Australian tailors at The Bespoke Corner to imagine a stylish collection of bespoke tuxedos. The Sydney-based menswear label has created two very special tuxedos, inspired by two of Rolls-Royce’s most exclusive models, that will probably make your day a lot more interesting.

Part of a limited edition and set to be made-to-measure in Tuscany, Italy, this bespoke collection will take exclusivity and luxury off the road and allow people to benefit from the rare privilege of wearing something that most of us will not even know about – let’s not focus on who would pay the right price ($3,950+) for such a stylish statement.

The Bespoke Corner

According to The Bespoke Corner, nothing but the most luxurious materials have been used to make these fancy tuxedos, inspired by small interior details of both the Rolls-Royce Ghost and the Wraith as well. For instance, the “Starlight Tuxedo” shares inspiration with the Starlight headliner on a Rolls-Royce while the “Classic Velvet Plum” Tuxedo reminds us of the rich palette of Rolls-Royce colors.

As we’ve mentioned before, not everyone will get to rest such a wonderful tuxedo in their closet, since these tuxedos will be produced in a very limited run. There will be only 30 pieces ever made, 20 in the “Starlight” version and 10 for the “Classic Velvet” option. What would you do to own one of these?

The Bespoke Corner


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