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The Baccarat Harcourt Abysse Caviar Set Adds Flavor To Your Life

Baccarat Harcourt Abysse Caviar Set

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new Baccarat Harcourt Abysse caviar set, an extraordinary package comprising one round crystal caviar bowl, 10 Harcourt Abysse vodka shot glasses, and a large bowl that contains all the other elements. Extravagance has never tasted better!

This may very well be the most elegant way to consume delicious roe with your friends and family, and if you also pair this set with the Harcourt champagne flutes & cooler, the entire experience is even more exquisite. There’s no time like the present to tease your pallets and enjoy life to the fullest, but what should you expect from this luxurious set?

Baccarat Harcourt Abysse Caviar Set

Well, you will get the Asprey SEAHORSE CAVIAR BOWL, which is priced at $3,750, a mother of pearl spreader that costs $330, a Caviar Spoon in Mother and Pearl with Sterling Silver handle, valued at $270, not to mention the Christofle Silver Plated Caviar Serving Set and a spoon to go with it.

This is a two-piece silver plated caviar serving set, finished in the Malmaison pattern, with the outer presentation dish included, that could be filled with ice to keep the caviar chilled. The Christofle Silver Plated Caviar Spoon was made of silver plated metal and horn, a mix that helps preserve caviar’s flavor when tasting.

Last but not least impressive, the Uppercut Caviar Coaster was handmade in New York City using textured faux leather on the front with felt backing. So, how about some caviar?

Baccarat Harcourt Abysse Caviar Set


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