The Azimut Grande 140 superyacht unveiled in Cannes

Part of the Azimut-Benetti Group, the Italian yacht builder Azimut Grande has recently unveiled the Motor Yacht Azimut Grande 140. This is actually the largest ever model manufactured by Azimut Grande and undoubtedly the brand new flagship of the entire Azimut Grande range.

By far the most interesting fact about the Azimut Grande 140 is that the yacht is the brainchild conceived by both Benetti and Azimut, like both their expertise put together. It features a D2P_Displacement to Planning hull, and this makes it, after all, a unique concept, because it effectively combines the cruising comfort of a displacement hull with the high performance provided by the planning hull.

The whole idea had started with tri-dimensional planning and simulations, the pinnacle of the project being the tank-tests at the Brodarski Institut in Zagreb, Croatia. The final result is significantly reduced wave resistance, which brings lower fuel consumption, cozier cruising and ultimate efficiency.

The three-deck vessel’s exterior bears the mark of Stefano Righini, while its interior was, as a premier, penned down by the fabled British yacht designers Redman-Whitley-Dixon. The model was therefore proposed in three styles and a whopping 15 layouts, which adds a huge deal of customizability to the future owners. The main concepts conceived by Redman-Whitley-Dixon, Land, Sea and Air, each provide unique interior design and space distribution.

In a detailed manner, Air is represented by a contemporary design, with elevated surfaces and sleek lines, metallic accents and lacquered surfaces throughout, all giving a luxurious, glossy look. Land comes with typical English luxury, in the form of exquisite, soft tailoring and classically paneled interiors.

Superb but discrete detailing, great attention to detail and timber all over – these are the most staggering features of the Land design, along with bronze accents, accentuated by deep fabric colors and herringbone fabric wrapped panels.

The Sea style, on the other hand, is very dramatic, yet still keeps a casual feel. Natural fabric assort with sun bleached timbers, bringing forth a modern, delicate and light appearance. The designers have turned to bronze accents for this style as well, visible as a detailing on the timber panels. Although this one is pretty much the most relaxing of the three, it does bring a feel of formality as well.

The yacht boasts with a Beach Area, featuring chaises lounges, day head, shower and lounge bar. They have managed to lay out this space by moving the water toys and the tender to a lateral garage. In addition, the main deck provides lounge areas, sunbeds and one Jacuzzi. A secondary Jacuzzi can be found on the sundeck.

Merging together high performance with top notch luxury and comfort, the Azimut Grande 140 is undoubtedly one of the most staggering projects ever attempted by Azimut Grande.