The Martell XO Architect Edition by Christian de Portzamparc

Another limited edition from Martell, the Martel XO Architect is simply amazing. It is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the renowned manufacturer of spirits Martell and Christian de Portzamparc, an extremely famous architect which deals with hotels and high-rise buildings.

The state of the art case which embodies the exquisite booze boasts with a mahogany glow light effect. An impressive load of gold has been used to garnish the cork, label and the bottleneck, while the drink provides the incredibly tasty experience Martell has accustomed its clients with.

As far as we know, the set will be exclusively available to travelers at the Hong Kong international airport starting September 2012, while the sales will reportedly be done in Macau and Taiwan from December, before hitting the shelves in 2013, in Kuala Lumpur. The limited edition Martell XO Architect Edition by Christian de Portzamparc will be commercialized in just 2,550 units. The price hasn’t yet been disclosed.