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The Aquamare Estate Is a $23M Slice Of Virgin Islands’ Exclusivity

By Victor Baker


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Aquamare Estate

Located in Mahoe Bay, British Virgin Islands, the breathtaking Aquamare estate sits on a very exclusive 1.72-acre property, nestled right next to the beach. The entire property has been built using a mix of local stonework, rich hardwoods and travertine marble, with an extraordinary design, featuring 30-foot vaulted ceilings and massive windows, which seem to turn this place into a dreamy home for any single one of us.

Just a single look at any of these photos with the Aquamare villa, and you’ll surely start to droll instantly. The unique beauty of this property is complemented and possibly competes with the wonderful surrounding landscape, that makes it hard to decide what you could do every single day here.. you could stay in or go out to enjoy the outdoors – it’s tough call for sure.

Aquamare Estate

But the best part comes right now: the Aquamare Estate is actually made of three different villas, and a manager’s house as well, which probably explains the incredible asking price for this property.  It seems that each of the three villas has been designed to feature a private waterfront infinity pool, with unobstructed views of Drake’s Channel, a gourmet kitchen, along with inside and outside dining areas ideal for social events and parties.

Considering the three elegant master suites, one double room and one studio, each villa will accommodate up to 12 guests within 8,000 square feet of overwhelming decorations. Any plans on making an offer?

Aquamare Estate


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