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The Amels 188 Is A Gorgeous Hybrid Superyacht

By Victor Baker


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Amels 188

Dutch shipyard AMELS has decided to show off its latest advanced solutions, such as hybrid electrical power, in the form of the new, beautiful AMELS 188 superyacht. Penned down by Tim Heywood design, this amazing vessel is a member of the Limited Edition range, boasting the absolute highest AMELS quality, comfort and stability, with a high performance steel hull.

Completely customized upon the buyer’s requests, the shipyard has nearly completed the engineering phase of this AMELS 188, which is scheduled for delivery as early as Spring, 2018.

Amels 188

The AMELS 188 will be the first yacht in the shipyard’s Limited Editions range to feature the advanced AMELS Hybrid Power system that will work together with the AMELS Heat Recovery system which reuses energy already available on board, to make this vessel incredibly efficient, with a smaller ecological footprint and a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Besides its intelligent hybrid system, the smart layout of this new AMELS 188 superyacht will make any and all passengers fall in love with this yacht instantly. It comes with open decks with generous outdoor spaces, a 323 sq ft Beach Club and a Wellness Centre.

Also worth mentioning are the Turkish steam shower, as well as the 850 sq ft  full-beam Owner’s Suite. More details about the sleek AMELS 188 will be released by the Dutch shipyard in the near future.

Amels 188

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