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The Al Areen Palace overlooking the Arabian Gulf on Bahrain

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Far away, on the shores of the Persian Gulf, lies a magnificent resort ready to provide guests from all over the world with a truly Arabian experience, from the moment they check in until they decide to return to their homes. Found in Manama, Bahrain, the Al Areen Palace & Spa is a staggering luxurious masterpiece.

Located within the southern region of the island, 45 minutes by car from the Bahrain International Airport, the resort is just 5 minutes away from the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix Circuit. A stunning place to relax and feel like at home, Al Areen Palace & Spa is as opulent as it is beautiful, providing extraordinary views of the Persian (Arabian) Gulf.

It comprises a total of 78 residential facilities, wonderful villas and a luxurious spa. The villas are fitted with king-sized beds which only occupy minute parts of the massive master bedrooms. The private courtyard includes a garden and a large room, perfect for some pool-side lounge. The villas are further surrounded by 12 feet high walls, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere to the lovers of privacy and intimacy.

The Vertigo is the best place to check on the Persian Gulf and its magnificent setting, while Al Areen Palace & Spa’s signature restaurant Saffron perfectly provides delicious meals, fusion between Thai cuisine and alcoholic beverages, which are quite rare in Bahrain. As for the spa, it reportedly is the largest spa in the Middle East, covering a total of 100,000 square feet and providing an entire plethora of rejuvenating techniques and treatments, among breathtaking archways and gardens.

Nightly rates at Al Areen Palace & Spa start at BHD 245 or $650 at today’s exchange rates.

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