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The Airbus Day & Night Concept Suites Will Redefine First Class

Airbus Day & Night

Airbus Interiors Services is planning to redefine what first class really means by introducing an interesting suite concept, called Day & Night. In their vision, passengers deserve both a cozy seating area and a private sleeping area, and we tend to agree with them. This new two-zone concept was specially designed for the company’s A350 & A380 aircrafts in an effort to allow travelers to enjoy an atmosphere similar to the comforts of their own home.

The Airbus Day & Night concept includes an ergonomic swivel chair and a small work table for the “day” section, plus a dining table and a large personal entertainment screen. When feeling tired, the passengers could move to the “night” area, a noise-insulated space boasting a comfy two-meter bed, which Airbus called the first “real bed” in the sky.

Airbus Day & Night

This novel configuration seems to be the ultimate way to travel, offering the perfect balance between rest, work and entertainment on board. You could travel alone and you could even share this suite with a partner, which makes it even more appealing for some. We still have to wait a bit, though, since this concept is still under development.

The Airbus Day & Night suites will require between 18 and 24 months before they’re actually ready to be integrated in future aircrafts. And of course, airlines are welcomed to add their own special touch to these suites, which means that the final result may be even more impressive than what we expect. Nothing but good news from Airbus!

Airbus Day & Night


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