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The 2013 Nissan Patrol: from practical to luxury

By Adrian Prisca


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Nissan describes the latest version of its Patrol SUV as a vehicle where “the refined power of the ferocious 5.6L V8 engine meets supremely crafted luxury”.  A bold claim and the Japanese maker is clearly aiming for the global luxury market with the new Patrol, borne out by some clever new features.

It’s suitability in the widest range of conditions is played out in its four driving modes: on-road, rock, sand and snow. While a 2013 Nissan Patrol owner in Dubai may not have much use for the latter mode, and a London-based driver may never slip it into sand mode, this new model’s HBMC System with 4-wheel independent suspension does give the vehicle a superb sense of stability on any terrain.

Alongside this driving power, it is the interior that Nissan is hoping will sell this vehicle. The manufacturer has added a luxurious interior with some very high-end touches. The leather interior with wood panelling and chrome trim houses an 8-inch LCD touchscreen with HDD navigation system and a cutting-edge sound system which includes Bose speakers and a hard drive capable of storing nearly 3,000 tracks. There is connectivity with iPod, Flash and other standard devices to get your music library set up.

The multimedia capabilities continue into the second row with 7-inch headrest-mounted screens for rear passengers, which are fully integrated with in-car DVD and game player and come with two sets of wireless headphones and remote control.

The Patrol is available in six muted colours with four upholstery options and the spacious interior is clearly a nod towards the business class experience. Climate controlled front seats are complemented by two other rows, giving eight possible seating or luggage configurations.

Previous models of the Patrol have been used by the UN as all-terrain vehicles in the toughest of areas but the 2013 model is clearly an attempt to take this SUV to another level where practicality and a feeling of luxury go hand in hand.

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