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The 2012 Mercedes Benz Christmas gifts collection

By Adrian Prisca


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The Christmas Stars 2012 Line from Mercedes-Benz is now official. The famous automotive brand has recently unveiled the collection of gifts on the occasion of the oncoming holidays, an idea which seems to have become a custom.

The items within this exquisite collection are indeed rather stunning. For example, they are offering a €39.90 (or $50) Italian calfskin smartphone, dyed in pink, which superbly contrasts with the white of the snow. It measures 13 cm in length and 8 cm in width, comes embellished with the Mercedes-Benz logo and can accommodate a plethora of smartphone models.

In addition, the Christmas Stars 2012 Line gift set includes a svelte pen, either a rollerball or a ballpoint, painted in matte black and garnished with all sorts of chrome-plated fittings, featuring the Mercedes-Benz star engraved in the button and the Mercedes-Benz branding on the clip. The rollerball is available at €34.90 (around $45) while the ballpoint version comes at €29.90 ($38).

A less elegant but extremely funny of this collection is the Bobby-Benz. Available at €79.90 (the equivalent of $102), it is the perfect gift to present your children with. The Bobby-Benz is a ride-on toy garnished with the SLS AMG matte white paint. Boasting with Mercedes-Benz AMG wheels, the toy car is limited to 2,500 units.

There are a lot more items included in this holiday collection. For example, Mercedes-Benz are also providing a bright pink, chic Italian calfskin manicure set, a wristwatch encrusted with Swarovski Crystals, a wool-white knitted hat packed with Rhinestone and loads of other interesting, Mercedes-Benz-branded stuff.


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