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The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit this Fall

We don’t know about you, but we’re tired of the frenzy of the summer and we can’t wait for the fall’s colors and serenity to take over. Since most of the tourists travel during the summer, that leaves fall to the adventurers and the more curious souls out there. It’s like a select club that offers better prices, less crowded destinations, stable weather and some of the most astonishing colors and sights nature has to offer.

So don’t be sad that you skipped summer vacation this year, because the fun is just about to start. Grab your pen and paper or whatever your preferred method to plan is and start jotting down these insanely gorgeous locations that are perfect for an autumn trip.

From the lower flight prices, bearable temperatures and beautiful medieval streets free from the swarms of tourists all the way to the wonderful foliage colors and crazy festivals all over the world, autumn has the allure of a magical time. Photographer or not, you simply can’t help but be impressed by the unbelievable show nature puts up during fall.

That’s the reason we thought about several destinations that would be perfect for a trip this time of the year. So read on to find out our picks as The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit This Fall:

10. San Miguel de Allende – Mexico

San Miguel de Allende

Just a little over 150 miles away from Mexico City lies a little colonial town called San Miguel de Allende. The town is one of the most amazing places in Mexico, enticing travelers with its blend of culture and traditions, folklore and natural beauty, arts, crafts, architecture, gastronomy and much more. Its uniqueness attracts travelers from all over the world and especially digital nomads who choose it as their temporary home.

What’s more, if you’re there on the 1st of November, you’ll have the chance of experiencing the largest of the Mexican holidays, The Day of The Dead. With the streets covered in marygolds and a myriad of sensations touching your senses – from lively dance celebrations in the soft chilly nights, painted faces and skeleton figures to culinary adventures in the traditional Mexican way, San Miguel de Allende will remain in your memory forever.

9. Transylvania – Romania


The land beyond the forest, Transylvania, is a place of legends and medieval castles, beautiful wild nature and amazing culture. Mountain villages forgotten somewhere back in time, with century old houses scattered around picturesque mountain sides, horse driven carts, golden haystacks drying in the sun and the superb blend of colors of the thick forests in late autumn will make you feel like you stepped somewhere out of the ordinary world and into a magic land.

Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, with the famous Transfagarasan Road winding up and down the Fagaras Mountains to tie it to the southern part of the country and with its numerous medieval fortified churches and legend filled castles, Transylvania is indeed one of the most special places in Romania. And autumn is one of the best times to visit it.

8. Tuscany – Italy


We know that each season has its own charms, but somehow the autumn brings something magical to a place. And if that place is Italy’s Tuscany region, the combination is that much more special. The lyrical landscapes of the Tuscan countryside are full of the fall’s colors, the temperature is just right for a walk and the swarms of summer tourists have died down.

After harvesting the best produce of the many vineyards and olive orchards, there are wine and food tasting festivals blossoming in all the pretty little towns around the region. From the wineries full of blockbuster wines and the artisan pasta to the artistic side of the region and the perfect landscapes, Tuscany is a must visit this fall.

7. Bavaria – Germany


Once you get there, Bavaria feels like a fairy-tale that came to life. Saturated with marvelous alpine forests, crisp snow capped mountains and stunning castles, churches and medieval bridges, Bavaria is a place like no other and probably one of the best in the world to experience the season of falling leaves. The warm gentle light that settles on the colorful foliage will make you feel in love with this part of the world.

Take a road trip on Bavaria’s Romantic Road, meandering through rich wine regions and centuries-old towns, medieval castles and unique picturesque landscapes and make sure you don’t forget your camera.

6. Denali National Park – Alaska

Denali National Park

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think about Alaska is snow. Snow and long, cold winters. But rewire your brain and think about the fall in Alaska, and more precisely in the Denali National Park. This huge wild land swarms with hundreds of species of animals and bursts with mesmerizing colors, making it a dream come true for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and photographers.

With the wilderness bursting with life preparing for the long winter to come, the bright yellow canopies of aspen and birch trees and and rusty reds of the grasses and shrubs of these huge lands, and the occasional Northern Lights, September is the month that brings together some of Alaska’s most amazing secrets.

5. The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia – Canada

The Cabot Trail

It’s one of the most beautiful roads the world has to offer and it’s the perfect autumn drive. Located in Nova Scotia, Canada, the Cabot Trail stretches around the northern shore of Cape Breton Island in a long winding series of coastal roads with twists and climbs, spectacular views and a lot of good outdoor and cultural experiences.

And driving all that beauty of a road in early October is going to be a memorable journey full of golds and crimsons and oranges and fiery reds, rewarding the traveler with superb serene views at every turn.

4. The New Forest – England

The New Forest

Proclaimed a royal forest by William the Conqueror and home to many rare birds and animals, The New Forest is the largest remaining unenclosed forest and heathland in the south-eastern England. And for that matter it’s one of the best places to visit in England during the fall.

Perfect for getting away from the crowds, the intense traffic and the bustle of the city, the New Forest offers its visitors plenty of opportunities to relax, from traffic-free walking, running and cycling tracks and picnic spots to rich wildlife, gardens of rare plants, cozy tea shops and the unmissable English pubs. And the vibrant colors of the autumn simply make it a must visit place.

3. Douro Valley – Portugal

Douro Valley

Autumn transforms most of Europe into a beautiful and colorful land, but some places are simply better than everything else. Such is the case with the Douro Valley – Portugal’s wine country and one of its best kept secrets – which, when the fall comes, it turns into a sea of vivid yellows, reds and oranges.

With its terraced vineyards covering the steep hills around the river, the peaceful and quiet Douro Valley it’s one of the last places on Earth where grapes are trodded by foot even today. That usually happens during late September or early October, after the harvest, so if you want to see something rare and special, this should be your destination of choice for the fall.

2. Cartagena – Colombia


Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries in South America and has recovered from the bad reputation it had in the past, so this is the best time to visit. Before everyone else finds out about its beauties, like Cartagena, and everything it has to offer.

The best time of year to visit Colombia is late fall, when the rain season ends and the dry one begins, so the temperatures will be just ok for a trip, the occassional showers will keep the dust down and the lush green landscapes will be mesmerizing.

1. Torres Del Paine – Chile

Torres Del Paine

Patagonia, that magic land at the other end of the world, it’s a dream of many travelers all over the world. Torres Del Paine is a national park in the southern Chilean part of Patagonia and it’s one of the most well known adventure destinations due to Cordillera Paine, the small mountain group with its iconic Towers of Paine – Torres del Paine.

To get the most out of your adventure trip, late autumn should be your chosen time to go, as it’s the start of the spring season down there and it’s right when the snow melts and everything wakes up back to life, making the landscape that much more amazing.



  1. Donna October 23, 2018

    I live in Italy and I can say that the author of the article is absolutely right. These places will appeal to anyone without exception. In general, Italy is the most beautiful country in the world, I think so.


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