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Taste A Slice Of Asian Hospitality At The Mandarin Oriental Macau

By Victor Baker


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Mandarin Oriental Macau

Macau is often referred to as Asia’s own gussied-up version of Sin City, but I guess you’ll have to verify that statement yourselves. In the meantime, allow us to suggest resting at the Mandarin Oriental in this electric city. This luxurious hotel adds its legendary service, lavish spa and amazing shopping experience to the already overwhelming offers of the city.

The Mandarin Oriental Macau features a contemporary theme, with its shimmering glass exterior beautifully reflecting out to the South China Sea. It’s all about rest and relaxation here, while the tastefully decorated interiors and the hotel’s dedicated staff make sure you get ‘there’ the second you cross the hotel’s threshold.

Mandarin Oriental Macau

Guests may enjoy one of 213 gorgeous rooms, with breathtaking views of the sea, the strip and the Space Needle. The marvelous spa awaits as well, offering the heralded consultations and treatments the Mandarin chain is famous for. But you know what’s also worth visiting? The Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop, as the fluffy sweets you’ll find there are more than a treat.

If you’re in the mood for relaxation, take a dip in the mesmerizing infinity pool overlooking the city, before enjoying your dining experience at Vida Rica. Rare ingredients and classic dishes mix together really well here, resulting in an exciting evening – at least, until you head down to the Adjoining Vida Rica Bar.

Mandarin Oriental Macau

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