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Take a Closer Look at The Eco-Friendly Aria.S Superyacht

By Victor Baker


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Aria.S Superyacht

The well-known Italian shipyard Arcadia Yachts has planned to make us daydream today with Aria.S, the company’s newest project and also the first superyacht from the brand’s 100 line – a wonderful vessel which aims to stand out of the pack wherever it goes.

An Arcadia yacht is distinguishable from a mile away, and Aria.S is just another fine example, impressing everyone with its GRP build and aluminum verandas on the main deck. The Italian shipyard worked together with Francesco Guida Design and the National Physical Laboratory of England to design the perfect hull shape for this vessel, so passengers could enjoy incredible cruises, without sacrificing performance.

The photovoltaic cells on top of the superstructure add to the eco-friendly vibe of the yacht, providing up to 5 kW of power – enough to guarantee self-sufficient energy for all of the equipment and electrical systems onboard.

Aria.S Superyacht

But let’s discuss more about Aria.S and its amazing features right now. The skydeck is a blissful social area, where passengers will find the signature ‘Arcadia wheel’ and a cozy L-shaped lounge setting. The entire deck may be sealed off from the elements via sliding glass windows, while pleasant weather conditions will encourage the windows to drop down at a touch of a button.

Arcadia wanted to create a sleek and well-proportioned profile whilst maintaining a spacious interior and living areas, and they’ve done exactly that thanks to the minimalist and low-profile interior style and the massive sliding doors on either side. The décor shows off an elegant theme, with gray shades and splashes of red throughout the vessel, and much more to be appreciated by owners and passengers alike.

Aria.S Superyacht


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