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Symmetry Concept Yacht By SINOT Exclusive Yacht Design

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Symmetry Concept Yacht

In case you’ve never heard of Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design until today, get ready to be completely mesmerized. This company has just revealed one of the most exquisite examples of yacht design, dubbed SYMMETRY, an incredible, balanced and symmetrical 180-meter superyacht meant to be a bi-directional maneuverable vessel.

Featuring a game-changing design, this yacht was arranged from the center outwards, with all functions on the decks being organized around the central area. This yacht has a symmetrical shape of the hull which allows a bi-directional course at sea.

This Symmetry concept is based on harmony, showing off an astonishing balance of functionality, beauty, engineering and design. The vessel features six spacious decks that allow 34 guests and 48 crew to stay comfortably here, with every deck having a specific function and character.

Symmetry Concept Yacht

The Beach Deck has an obvious purpose, boasting a mid-ship beach lounge and a seawater pool / float in tender bay. The Guest Deck features an extraordinary mid-ship pool with a glass bottom and several spacious VIP rooms, with spacious en-suite lounges and balconies that will make everyone feel welcomed on this yacht.

Next, the stunning Hotel Deck comes with several impressive features, such as an extensive spa, dining, lounges, bars, garden, gym and a lovely 17m exterior pool. Passengers will surely appreciate this deck, while the Lower Deck – with its a home theater and a kids’ playroom – should be at least equally impressive.

The Owner-Exclusive Deck comes with a state room, private spa, office, library, sky lounge, as well as exterior deck with lounge seats and infinity water feature. As you’d expect, the owners will benefit from the most incredible accommodations, but I guess this is one of those perks in life.

Symmetry Concept Yacht


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