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Swarovski Eyewear Couture Edition Launched

By Adrian Prisca


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Even though the Swarovski brand has now become almost stereotypical, it is actually backed up by a long and interesting history, which started 100 years ago. Their jewels, the Swarovski Crystals, can be easily and superbly embedded on practically every surface, adding the bling that many adore and run for.

The brand has quickly become the world’s leading producer of crafted stones, original gemstones and crystal-cutting. And here we have a premiere, intimately connected to the brand. Swarovski has launched the Eyewear Couture Edition, thanks to the fruitful partnership with Italian designer Marcolin.

The glasses are encrusted with no less than 78 hand-set crystals of all sorts of sizes, shapes and colours, providing a lot of bling. Each pair of glasses reportedly takes the brand a full week to create, including the lenses, polished by hand, and the temples, coated with palladium.

The Swarovski Eyewear Couture Edition glasses are unfortunately limited to 800 pieces and can be acquired today at €1,000 per pair, or $1,300.

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