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Stylish Allure Clock by Buben&Zorweg

By Brody Patterson


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Buben&Zorweg has been making unique and technically impressive table clocks for two decades now. When it comes to their latest creation, the clue is in the name – Allure is a stylish creation that will is certain to turn a few heads.

The clock boasts an 8-day German precision movement and a Swiss escapement with screw balance wheel and 11 jewel bearings. The inner workings of the watch are revealed through the glass case, while an integrated LED lighting system further highlights the beautifully designed clock.

The “watch inside the clock” feature is equally intriguing: located just beneath the main dial is a Time Mover where the watch of the Allure owner can be stored. As an alternative to the watch winder, a weather station can be installed instead.

With the Allure clock, Buben&Zorweg have created a truly classy piece for the sophisticated collector.


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