Stunning home for art lovers in Brazil: Casa JE

Casa JE Brazil

Brazilian architect Humberto Hermeto designed this stylish residence for an art lover but Casa JE is more than just a home, it’s a multi-use building featuring a large art gallery in its lower section. The home is well segmented between this active business end and the private section above.

The client can relax in this lovely private area and can work in the gallery below while enjoying the stunning views and skies of Nova Lima, Brazil. The home features a lovely concrete facade which continues inside, where the soft color of the stone work gives the impression of a cool, natural environment.

The city and the mountains as well as the beautiful sunsets can be enjoyed every night from an open vantage point with a large patio and a relaxing pool. The office-style design of some of the home’s elements might seem a bit less than comfortable but when you live in this delightful house, you probably won’t be bothered by that.