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St:Erik Chips Are The World’s Most Expensive Chips

By Victor Baker


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St:Erik Chips

Believe it or not, someone had the interesting idea of creating the world’s most expensive potato chip(s). We’re talking about a Swedish brewery called St:Erik, which came up with the most expensive potato chip, meant to match your collection of top shelf drinks.

Anything but humble, this potato chip will be available in boxes of five, each of the chips having its own flavor, thanks to carefully chosen ingredients, like Matsutake mushroom, Truffle seaweed, Crown Dill, Leksand Onion and India Pale Ale Wort which is the kind normally used to brew St:Erik’s India Pale Ale.

A box of five is priced at a cool 499 Swedish kronor ($56), but guess what? These delightful treats sold out like crazy!

St:Erik Chips

The five exquisite flavors are added to the perfect chip, made from Ammarnäs Potatoes, grown on a potato hillside in Ammarnäs, Sweden, where almond potatoes are cultivated by hand only. Since they’ve been already sold out, you can’t really enjoy one of these chips, but with any luck, the brewery will come up with a second batch of this exclusive and delicious snack.

We’re not sure why, but we’re suddenly in the mood for a cold beer. Do you have any suggestions? We guess we’d have to go through a long list of drinks, but it’s Sunday, so no one minds.

St:Erik Chips


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