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The State of the Art Wider 165′ Superyacht

Tilli Antonelli, founder and CEO of Wider Yachts, has announced that his shipyard is building the Wider 165’, a 50-meter superyacht. Originally intended to be a smaller boat, it was eventually upgraded to be able to accommodate a submarine, as per the wishes of the boat’s owner.

Powered by a state of the art diesel/electric system designed for maximum efficiency, the yacht is not only technically impressive, but eye-catching as well, with its aluminum hull and elegant silhouette. The choice of aluminum as a construction material is very significant, since it is not only durable and lightweight (allowing for improved performance in terms of speed, range and, as mentioned earlier, efficiency), but also environmentally responsible, since it also fully recyclable.

Not much has been revealed about the interior of the ship, though you can be sure it will be spacious, sophisticated, and luxurious.

The Wider 165’ superyacht is scheduled to be completed by the year 2016.



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