Star Trek Theme Park will be constructed In Jordan

A massive Star Trek Theme Park will be constructed in Jordan starting next year after it received $1.5 billion in funding for work on the 74 hectare Red Sea Astrarium project in Aqaba. This project is funded by investors from the US and the Gulf area and will include four hotels and 17 entertainment developments located in Jordan’s coastal city of Aqaba.

The futuristic theme park will be constructed by Paramount Reaction and the Rubicon Group that will team up with architectural firm Callison for this amazing project. King Abdullah II of Jordan is the main local investor and he’s also a big Star Trek fan as well. Apparently he made a brief cameo on an episode of Star Trek: Voyager back in 1995 when he was still a prince.

More than 500 skilled workers will be employed for the construction of the Star Trek Theme Park which will “wow” visitors with 23rd century multi sensory experiences with highly advanced visual and sound effects that will give the people visiting the park a real-time feeling.