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Standard One Is Wrensilva’s Premium Handcrafted Audiophile Equipment

By Victor Baker


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The San Diego-based boutique HiFi company Wrensilva has decided to make our day a lot more interesting by revealing an exquisite mix of premium quality audio equipment and wonderfully handcrafted modern furniture. The resulting design has been dubbed as Standard One, and it’s nothing short of spectacular.

It’s apparently a simplified version of the brand’s M1 Flagship model, that was stripped down to the essential features we all desire and appreciate. Entirely handcrafted, these consoles show off a fully decoupled belt-driven turntable, a pair of Wrensilva C80M 8-inch two-way speakers, and 300 WPC output power, ingeniously hidden inside a charming piece of functional furniture.


As you get closer to this beauty, you’ll be surprised to see how many goodies it packs inside, and we should also mention that Standard One also comes with extended-range Bluetooth connectivity, alongside WiFi streaming capabilities, thus allowing its retro and stylish look to be complemented by state-of-the-art technologies.

Available in Walnut or Rift White Oak, Standard One can be purchased on Wrensilva’s official site, made to order for $6,900 to spare. If this beautiful thing also had wheels, we’d probably ride it around town on a Friday evening, getting everyone in a party mood, but I guess it’s good to start the party at home as well. Who knows what customer order will eventually lead to?


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