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S.T. Dupont Unveils a Gorgeous Handcrafted Star Wars Chess Set

Star Wars Chess Set

I can’t help but remember that odd chess game the characters from the Star Trek – Next Generation series used to play on; it has always confused me, but that’s another story – or another galaxy. Less confusing and way more appealing is this gorgeous $128,000 chess set, developed by the French luxury goods manufacturer S.T. Dupont.

This exquisitely handcrafted Star Wars chess set honors the iconic franchise and its 40 years of existence. The checkered board transforms into a miniature battlefield, revealing the epic battle between the Jedi and their allies versus the Dark Side.

Made of black obsidian, with a polished and matte finish, this set features Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca, while the golden elements seem to be inspired by George Lucas’ unique vision of this futuristic universe.

Star Wars Chess Set

The Empire pieces are made out of nephrite jade from British Columbia, while the Rebellion pieces are crafted in natural rock crystal quartz. Hand-carved and engraved with extreme attention to detail, these chess pieces are apparently worth their weight in gold. I think it’s safe to say that collectors will go wild about this Star Wars chess set, although I am still waiting for someone to explain me what were those guys playing on Star Trek. I think Yoda has the knowledge and wisdom to do so.



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