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The Sound of Luxury: Chanel x Monster Headphones

By Brody Patterson


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When hip hop artist and producer Swizz Beatz (who has also been known to dabble in fashion design in the past) and legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld were each seen wearing a pair of headphones during the recent Chanel Fall ’14 runway show in Paris, rumors of a somewhat unusual collaboration soon emerged. These rumors have been recently confirmed, as we got a look at the result of the partnership between the French luxury brand and Monster, the people responsible for Dr. Dre’s acclaimed Beats headphones.

As you might expect, these aren’t just any ordinary headphones. Each headset bears the mark of quality and style Chanel has accustomed us to, featuring a quilted leather headband, as well as the brand’s signature interlocked C’s. Not only that, every piece comes with a matching carry case in matelassé finish.

It’s not every day that Chanel embarks on a collaboration with a high-end tech company, so we’ll be following up closely for any news on how this venture evolves in the future.\

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