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Seville’s Hotel Alfonso XIII Takes You Back In Time

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Hotel Alfonso XIII

Hotel Alfonso XIII first opened its doors back in 1929 and ever since it has claimed a place on the list of the world’s most iconic hotels. Standing under the Luxury Collection brand, this mesmerizing hotel is still one of the ‘go to’ destinations for travelers from all over the world, who wish to enjoy nothing but the best of services and accommodations, in a beautiful town like Seville.

Located right in the center the city, Hotel Alfonso XIII is just a short walk away from the city’s famous cathedral and various other interesting tourist sights. Speaking of which, you might be interested to know that the building in which this hotel can be found is actually one of the city’s iconic settings, with the beautiful facade reminiscent of the area’s Moorish history.

Hotel Alfonso XIII

After a 12 year construction effort, the hotel fit for royalty was opened by none other than King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia. Under the guidance of the Luxury Collection brand, the hotel has benefited from a recent renovation, allowing this historic gem to shine once more and show off modern features throughout its 151 elegant guest rooms and suites.

Hotel Alfonso XIII also includes a charming Andalusian patio with leafy gardens and fountains, an outdoor pool, and a fully-featured fitness center, plus a super chic restaurant called San Fernando, which awaits guests to savor the best classic dishes. Bar Americano will be the place where your favorite drink can be enjoyed, with the spirit of Ernest Hemingway presiding over your discussion.

Hotel Alfonso XIII

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