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Sennheiser Show Off Their Skills At Art Basel Hong Kong

Audio specialist Sennheiser is one of the most important names in the universe of any sophisticated audiophile. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems, the German brand has always tried to surprise us with innovative products that take things to the next level.

The incredible Sennheiser HE 1 headphones are a good example, being probably the best headphones in the world right now. We can’t even imagine the level of excitement and the crystal clear sound these things can deliver, but if you’re planning to visit Hong Kong pretty soon, you could experience them first hand.

Art Basel Hong Kong, the prestigious international series of art fairs, saw the company make waves once again, with their Shape the Future of Audio. Visitors will be allowed to experience the ultimate Sennheiser sound, with an innovative 3D audio experience like nothing before.

The new Sennheiser HE1 are obviously part of the display, while the Future Audio Artists Program will enable the world’s most exciting sound artists to reach new heights in creation and entertainment, and make our days a bit more bearable for it. Are you looking forward to that?



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