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Scenic’s Eclipse Superyacht Will Help You Discover The World

Eclipse Superyacht

Sea-lovers usually get to choose between vessels meant for exploration or yachts designed with relaxation in mind. However, why bother to choose one when you can afford to enjoy the features of both vessels in one stunning design? Scenic’s Eclipse Superyacht will easily handle anything you or nature will throw its way, as this majestic 168-meter vessel features 114 luxury suites and it’s also home to a crew of 176.

That’s virtually a 1:1 passenger to staff ratio, with the crew specially trained to offer only the finest service across several dining venues, a lovely spa, indoor and outdoor pools, laundry and more. Looking as stylish as it does and perfectly fitted to cater to your every need, this cruise ship is basically a small town on waves.

Eclipse Superyacht

Passengers aboard this vessel will also get to enjoy dedicated tour guides for a plethora of onshore activities, and also kayaking, snowshoeing, snorkeling and scuba-diving. If you’d like to explore the yacht’s surroundings in style, helicopter and submarine excursions are always on the table as well, but the list of activities is way longer than this.

Feel free to sail across the Atlantic Ocean, from the Arctic Circle down to the tip of Antarctica aboard Scenic Eclipse. The inaugural season will ask at least $3,295 from every passenger, but I’m sure you will quickly realize it was worth every penny. I, for one, would have a tough time finding reasons to ever return home.

Eclipse Superyacht


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