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Savelli Released Two New Exquisite Emerald Smartphones

By Brody Patterson


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As the mobile phone market grows, so does the demand for luxury smartphones and one of the latest companies to try to jump on this trend is the Geneva-based Savelli.

After last year’s release of 11 Android devices targeted at women, Savelli has recently launched a couple of new luxurious handsets in collaboration with colored gemstone miner Gemfields called the Emerald Night and the Emerald Insane.

Only 27 of these phones will ever be released, each handcrafted utilizing a mix of emerald, brilliant, and baguette cut emeralds. The Emerald Night is adorned with 400 brilliant-cut emeralds (which amounts to about 3 karats) and comes with an 18kt rose gold body with an Ultra-Bombé sapphire crystal screen. Only 19 pieces will be released, each priced at $71,000.

The Emerald Insane, on the other hand, includes baguette-cut emeralds and brilliant-cut diamonds and comes with an Ultra-Bombé sapphire crystal screen set in 18-carat white gold. It is encrusted with 75 (4.5kt) of emeralds and 900 (nearly 12.5kt) of diamonds. It is even more exclusive than the previous model, with just 8 pieces being made available with a price tag of $244,000 each.

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