Salish Sea is Stylish and Exquisitely Crafted Wooden Bathtub

Created by master craftsman Seth Rolland, this stunning wooden bathtub is the ultimate in bathroom elegance and luxury.

Called Salish Sea, after a stretch of water along the coast of British Columbia and Washington state, the oversized tub is 85 inches long and 36 inches wide and is made up of no fewer than 200 individual pieces of wood. The material is sapele wood, a high-end wood similar to mahogany which has been sustainably harvested and expertly sued to give life to this outstanding piece. It also features an invisible fiberglass layer, and is varnished with six coats in order to keep the wood dry.

The overflow, meanwhile, is concealed in a second interior trim, allowing the water to fall over and drain to the bottom from there. Finally, the faucet is floor mounted and extends up over the rim.

Stylish and exquisitely crafted, Salish Sea would certainly enhance the aesthetic appeal of even the most luxurious bathroom.