Ruinart presents the exquisite Miroir giftpack

It’s all about style, it’s about luxury and exclusivity – these are the main reasons for which rich people’s most common drink is champagne. And as Ruinart explains, their brand new Miroir giftpack is the best example of exotic drinks being presented as exotic gifts.

Created in close collaboration with French designer Herve Van der Straeten, the limited edition Miroir giftpack is being comprised of a silver plated bottle coaster designed by Herve Van der Straeten himself and, of course, an exquisite bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs.

The main sources of inspiration, according to Van der Straeten, are light and movement. The French designer has also done up an exclusive Miroir ice bucket which is currently on display in Hong Kong, in Joyce Boutique. The silver plated bottle coaster was meant to be designed with the same levels of exclusivity and elegance as the gorgeous ice bucket, with the artist having used the Chardonnay grape as a way to highlight the themes of purity and luminosity, through asymmetrical angles, lines and shapes.

In addition, as marks of exclusivity, Van der Straeten’s signatures were applied to the bottle coasters, along with individual numbers.