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Rolls Royce Phantom Limos, Coupes and Convertibles Meet

We wish we could see gather-ups and parades like this all over the world, but unfortunately there are very few Rolls Royce owners at the moment, and just a handful of these decided to refine their luxurious car even more. Office-K set up a gathering of the best tuned Rolls Royce Drophead coupes and Phantoms which took place a couple of days ago in Tokyo, Japan.

As a strong point of the worth of such a parade, just one car costs a fortune, let alone all of them put together. The photos simply speak for themselves. Just after a simple count and sum, the value of all these monsters, stock, exceeds $10 million. We mentioned “the best tuned” cars there, thus the aforementioned amount can easily transform into around $20 million, if not more.

And all these riches are found in just one meeting, in one city, on a single street. Considering that the Rolls Royces aren’t the most expensive cars in the world, imagine what would a Bugatti meeting would look like, 15 stock Veyrons being enough to match the Rollses here, let alone the total engine power.




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