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Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance Shines Bright Like a Diamond

By Victor Baker


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Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance

Having a Rolls-Royce Ghost parked in your garage would be a dream come true for most of us. But if you’re really keen on standing out of a crowd, regardless of the crowd, you need to go for the show-stopping Ghost Elegance, unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show earlier this month.

Based on the company’s extended-wheelbase limousine, this luxurious vehicle comes with a unique twist, a special paint created from actual diamonds, hence the name of this finish: “Diamond Stardust”. It took exactly one thousand crushed diamonds to give this Ghost the amazing finish you see here.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance

According to the British automaker, two months of hard work and ingenuity were required to bring this unique shade to life. Rolls-Royce specialists have created a fine diamond powder that was mixed into the clear paint, and covered by an extra layer of lacquer later. The two-tone diamond treatment is complemented by dual hand-painted coachlines in red and black, a unique set of 21″ alloys, as well as an uplit Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament.

On the inside, this Rolls Royce will seduce you with pure elegance, featuring a lovely mix of black and gray leather, with a matching red trim, Tudor Oak veneer, color-coordinated tartan-lined pockets, and a unique clock. Would you like to make an offer for this incredible limousine?

Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance

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