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Rolls-Royce Alpine Trial Centenary Collection

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The most terrifying automotive endurance race of all time, the Austrian Alpine Trials, is going to celebrate a very important event in June. A full century has passed since Rolls-Royce embarked on the race.

A total of four silver Rolls-Royce Ghosts alongside a Rolls-Royce Works Team and private operator James Radley had taken part, covering in excess of 1,820 miles of extremely difficult mountain terrain. What followed was the nomination of Rolls-Royce as the “Best Car in the World.” Now, a full century after the event, Rolls-Royce commemorates it in the brand’s history by launching the Alpine Trial Centenary Collection. Radley’s Silver Ghost is the centerpiece, fitted with the baby-blue paintjob, black grille and black wheels.

The interiors relate the bespoke history of the Alpine trials, as the clock displays the stages of the rally and the timings, while the topography and distances of the Alpine route are being showcased by inlays to rear picnic tables and the front fascia.

Referring to the 4 Rolls-Royce cars that had taken part at the rally, a coach line has been applied to the cars, painted by hand, matching the color of the hood of Radley’s car. The attention to detail is absolutely mind-boggling, being obvious throughout, from the hand-manufacture to the accuracy of the instruments and gadgets.

In addition, as the love of Chinese folk towards customization is quite famous, the luxury automotive brand will reportedly launch the state of the art collection on the occasion of the Auto China 2013. Furthermore, a reenactment of the brand’s historical movement was organized by the 20-Ghost Club, starting in Vienna, on the 14th of June 2013.

It will have the Cars Works Team taking part, including the Radley 2013 Silver Ghost and the Alpine Ghost Collection, alongside 40 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost cars. The convoy will reportedly be running through Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia in order to admire and celebrate the historical beauty of the Old Continent, and will finally return to Vienna.


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