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Roland Iten’s $400K Calibre R822 Predator Belt Buckle

At the beginning of the year, we’ve showcased an amazing belt buckle created by Swiss artisan Roland Iten in collaboration with Bugatti. The piece came with an incredible $84,000 price tag. Now, the designer is releasing an even more impressive belt buckle, which is more akin to a high-end timepiece than a simple mechanism you find at the end of a belt.

Dubbed the Calibre R822 Predator, it not only borrows the name from the art of horology, but also the technology and some components employed in the craft. It s design means it can be easily and effortlessly operated, whether you want to loosen or tighten the leather strap. Also, all mechanisms are self-cleaning and require no lubrication to function.

But the best thing about the piece, what really makes it so valuable, is the way it is embellished. The white gold belt buckle features red gold accents and is set with baguette-cut and round-cut diamonds, amounting to 14.15 carats, while the platform is fashioned from high-end titanium. All of this makes the price of Roland Iten’s Calibre R822 Predator belt buckle, set at an incredible $400,000, look almost reasonable!

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