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Rihanna teams up with Manolo Blahnik for the Denim Desserts Shoe Collection

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Denim Desserts Shoe

Rihanna is riding the big wave, people! She’s gracing the cover of the British Vogue for the second time in April 2016 and she has recently announced a wonderful collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. RiRi has teamed up with the renowned label for the Denim Desserts Shoe Collection, a chic line of footwear boasting her unique sense of style.

The singer has been designing shoes for a while now, on her own, or together with brands like Puma, and her mark on this collection is obvious. Featuring denim, sequins and beautiful artisan embroidery inspired by Rihanna’s hand tattoos, the collection includes six limited-edition designs, with a gorgeous waist-high, stiletto-heel denim boot that will surely be a big hit.

Denim Desserts Shoe

Just look at these pictures, and tell me they’re not surrounded by a huge dose of sex appeal. Dubbed ‘9 to 5’, the pant-like boots stand tall and rise high, featuring a pointed toe and an elaborate, not to mention stunning, crystal trim at the top end. To top it all off, the boots were designed to be strapped on with a jewel-encrusted belt at the waist. How incredibly sexy is that?

Rihanna describes these boots as dangerous, and she’s probably right. But the pop star has also designed a more ‘daytime’ option with the Dancehall Cowgirl style – a shorter, light-wash denim bootie festooned with beading and a lace-up front.

Come May 5th, the Denim Desserts Shoe collection will be available in stores, with a price range between $900 and $4,000. I wonder which one will you go for.

Denim Desserts Shoe

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