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Ride the City Streets in Style with the Leaos 2.0 Electric Bike

By Brody Patterson


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Using bicycles to get around is a great way to reduce you carbon footprint and avoid stressful traffic, while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For the modern city-dweller that wants all of that, but needs a little help with all the pedaling, electronic bikes like the Leaos 2.0 are incredibly helpful.

Designed by Armin Oberhollenzer and hand-built in Italy, the Vespa-inspired Leaos 2.0 comes with a lightweight, yet sporty frame and has a rather futuristic feel about it. Other features include a Nuvinci automatic shifting, carbon fiber mudguards, handlebars with integrated display, and a lighting system from the German company Supernova. The carbon fiber frame is available in two colors, while the electronic engine is designed to assist the rider and can also power the bike to a top speed of about 30 mph – all of this, without exceeding the weight of 48.5 lbs.

The Leaos 2.0 Electric Bike will soon be launched in the US, with pricing expected to start at about $6,800.

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