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Redesigning the Classic Poll Table – Filotto by Calma e Gesso

By Brody Patterson


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Calma e Gesso is a new Italian luxury brand that intends to make a name for itself in the world of high-end products. Its philosophy is perfectly described by its name, an Italian expression which can be translated as an invitation to keep cool and reflect on a decision for a moment. Calma is the moment of calm a billiards player takes before an important shot, while at the same time rotating chalk, gesso, on the tip of his cue stick. So it’s perfectly fitting that the company’s first product is this amazing pool table called Filotto.

This stylish piece is a bold reinvention of the traditional pool table. Seemingly floating in the air, it is supported by four transparent crystal legs. So say goodbye to those clunky old tables, because the people over at Calma e Gesso have given a very Italian makeover to this traditional piece, bringing it into the 21st century – and potentially into the leisure rooms of luxuriously minded people.

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