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Quintessentially One Goes For The Top Of The Charts

By Victor Baker


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Quintessentially One

Quintessentially One is a brand new cruise ship concept, set to be one of the most exclusive and luxurious vessels on the high seas, once it’s completed. Just in case you were not aware of this, members of Quintessentially pay at least $18,700 a year, to benefit from exclusive concierge service and members-only perks benefits, but from 2019, when this marvelous cruise ship will be ready, things will get even more outrageous.

The massive 720-foot yacht will sail around the globe all year long, offering passengers a unique cruising experience and allowing them to participate in select high-profile events, while discovering many beautiful places around the world. Quintessentially One will also feature a high-end hotel on board, offering a good night’s sleep at $2,500.

Quintessentially One

This luxurious superyacht aims to be in a league of its own, set to include 12 residential suites and 112 “lower berth” rooms in a boutique hotel. The owners of those lavish suites will also be provided with a membership at Club One, which includes a private restaurant, private bar, and complimentary beauty treatments.

But guests on board will be also treated with the best of things, having access to a lovely library, a wonderful spa, gym, marina, a small beach area and shopping opportunities. As mentioned before, the ship is scheduled to make its maiden voyage in 2019 and will probably drain many bank accounts in the process.

Quintessentially One

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