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Project Echo Will Easily Find A Place In Your Mind

Project Echo

The acclaimed Australian shipbuilder Echo Yachts has just revealed their latest support yacht, a sleek vessel called Project Echo, developed in collaboration with Bannenberg & Rowell Design, Triton and Incat Crowther. Measuring 50 meters from front to back, this modern support yacht was built on a proven catamaran platform and aims to impress everyone with its fresh approach to support vessel designs.

What’s really interesting about this vessel is that it comes with a custom designed Caley A-frame submarine Launch and Recovery System (LARS), that was specially developed by Caley together with Echo Yachts to fold and stow flat into the cargo deck. This means extra cargo space and a useful helicopter landing spot.

Project Echo

Project Echo’s secondary 12-ton knuckle boom crane promises easy launches or retrieval capabilities for your primary watercraft, landing craft, and back-up submarine.

The cargo deadweight carry capacity of 40 tonnes is also worth a mention, while the yacht’s long range and heavy seas cruising capabilities, as well as the integrated deck cargo transfer rail/tie-down system and the dedicated undercroft protection and technical lockers for the submarines, will make this vessel the perfect companion at sea.

Echo Yachts will also gladly customize your own support yacht to make sure it’s just the way you like it.

Project Echo


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