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Prepare to be Mesmerized by the Stunning Zinvo Blade

Zinvo Blade

A fashion forward watch maker that originates from Geneva, Switzerland, Zinvo took over Instagram in these last couple of years with their stylish watches, which combine optimal functionality with a sleek design in the most beautiful way possible. This is actually the quintessential principle that lies at the foundation of the company.

Zinvo is known to create watches that aim to meet the highest standards of style and precision, while keeping the prices really affordable, that’s why the eye catching Zinvo Blade is one of the most interesting timepieces on the market right now. Available in 13 different versions, with prices ranging from $229 to $889 and so many gorgeous finishes to choose from, this cool watch will surely charm you with its unique design and impressive specs.

Keep on reading if you want to find out more about the bespoke features of this timepiece, and my own take on it.

Tech Specs Summarized

Zinvo Blade

Let me start with the technical part:

✦ Case: stainless steel, 44mm x 12mm
✦ Water Resistance: 100 mm
✦ Movement: Miyota 8215 automatic, with 42 hours of power reserve
✦ Strap: Genuine Italian leather
✦ Crystal: Sapphire
✦ Dial: hour and minute hands, with date window and a rotating disc that replaces the seconds hand


In my opinion, the packaging of a product tells a lot about the manufacturer’s attention to detail. In this case, the Zinvo Blade arrives in a rectangular, sleek cardboard box. I believe the functional design of the box is perfect as in to keep the watch protected during shipping.

The exquisite, yet minimalist packaging is notable, especially for the price range. It can trick people into believing that the watch is much more expensive than it actually is.

The Innovative Case

Zinvo Blade

Moving on to the case, I could say that the words that crossed my mind when I first saw the Zinvo Blade were polished, industrial and modern. I also found the gunmetal shade to be eye-catching and quite stylish, as for the lugs, the round case and the crown, they feature brushed gunmetal, which is extremely appealing.

I really like the combination, as it grants the watch a modern feel. Plus, it is quite practical, considering that a high polish finish shows fingerprints. And I certainly don’t want to have to clean my watch every 5 minutes.

The machine touches on the sides of the case, encircling it, create a neat visual artifice that you will surely enjoy. You might assume, at first, that you could rotate them – at least that’s what I thought, and although you can’t do that, it is still a wonderful design feature.

In addition to this, the case features small cutouts that enable the lugs to fit in perfectly; the lugs also facilitate a comfortable fit, which is vital for me. Of course, the 100 g weight also contributes to that.

Easy-to-Use Crown

Zinvo Blade

After testing this exquisite watch for a few days, I concluded that the crown works smoothly. By pulling it in the first position, you can set up the date, and by pulling it out, you can set the time. Pretty straightforward.

As for the design, it is shaped like a little head, featuring a partial shaft of the bolt that, again, is industrial-inspired. The shape and size of the crown make it really easy to handle. I also liked that it echoes similar patterns such as the ones on the chapter ring.

The Eye Catching Turbine Dial

Zinvo Blade

As far as I’m concerned, the dial is the main detail that differentiates the Zinvo Blade from any other typical watches, especially in the same price range. Presenting a rotating disc with a circle of blades which replaces the seconds hand, the stunning dial of this watch will mesmerize everyone with its eye catching movement.

It’s true that at first it might be difficult to see the time, but once you get used to it, you will surely appreciate the visual spectacle. There is also a date window, which is pretty hard to see as well, but that’s just an extra function added to this gorgeous package. To be honest, I would have left this behind, but I’m sure some people would appreciate it.

Of course, I was taken aback by the sapphire crystal on the dial. It has the Zinvo logo printed, and it works smoothly. The hour and minute hands on this watch are white and slender, and although the dial is altogether simple, it’s this simplicity that makes it unique.

Personally, I loved the attention to every detail. In my opinion, this is what differentiates an average product from an original one.

Reliable Automatic Movement

Zinvo Blade

Back to more technical features. The Zinvo Blade is powered by an automatic movement called Miyota 8215, which is manufactured by Citizen, with an accuracy rate of -20/+40 seconds a day. It’s a high-quality, dependable automatic movement that works impeccable, and the best thing is that you could take a closer look at this superb mechanism in action through the transparent caseback of this watch.

The Smooth Strap

Zinvo Blade

The strap also indicates meticulousness, being made of genuine Italian leather. I think the red stitching accent gives a beautiful visual artifice. It feels soft against the skin, so it is really comfortable, and as I mentioned previously, the strap conforms to the wrist easily.

Review Summary

The best thing about the watch: The dynamic turbine display, the attention to detail and the stunning machine touches on the case.
What would I improve? : Although the Zinvo Blade has a sleek design, the rotating disc with blades prevents you from accurately telling the time. I think the blades could be a bit more transparent
Would I wear it? : Definitely, it is an excellent product that would be a great addition to any collection of watches, even for the pickiest of customers.
Who’s this watch for? : If you’re into industrial, sporty designs that catch the eye, while being on the affordable side, this wonderful watch is definitely made for you.

Why Is the Zinvo Blade One of the Best Affordable Watches?

Zinvo Blade

Now, if you’re asking why I consider the Zinvo Blade to be one of the best watches on the market for the price, hear me out.

It is a well-made product that is targeted for those who enjoy high-quality, unique watches. The entire timepiece is so beautifully made, and the industrial feel is precisely what makes this piece fascinating.

The case, the patent-pending rotating turbine disc, the attached lugs, and the black leather strap, featuring red stitching, are all details that make this a must-have item. In fact, that is where the innovation lies: in the fact that it combines everything one would expect from a high-quality watch.

So, if you’re excited by this new approach like I am, this watch is definitely for you. On top of that, it is one of the most affordable watches in its category, which makes it even more attractive, if you ask me.

It’s a great conversation starter and the kind of watch that will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Final Thoughts

On a final note, I have to say that the Zinvo Blade is an original, authentic alternative of the modern watch. It does ask for attention, with its unique design. In other words, it came up to my expectations, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to you if you appreciate industrial, aviation-inspired designs.

Would you consider adding this watch to your collection? Let me know in the comment section below!


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