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Perrin Paris & Zaha Hadid Team up for a Unique Glove Clutch

Perrin Paris & Zaha Hadid

French leather accessories brand Perrin Paris is well known for blending fashion and jewelry to come up with bespoke creations that might help ladies make a statement of style wherever they may go. The clutch glove bag is one of the brand’s signature designs, but the new collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design has taken it to the very next level, with seven of these stunning clutches coming alive thanks to three different sculptural metal glove-pieces.

Perrin Paris x Zaha Hadid is a limited edition collection that displays black, white, blush, lipstick and electric blue colors, while the three sculpted metallic glove-pieces will be available a variety of exquisite finishes, including gold, rose gold, silver, or full red and blue.

Perrin Paris & Zaha Hadid

The renowned architect received a Perrin Paris glove clutch as a gift right before her passing, which resulted in this inspired project. The partnership focused on creating a unique capsule collection reminiscent of the brand’s iconic glove clutch, thus allowing the world to experience Zaha Hadid’s incredible ideas once more.

Her legacy and enduring impact on world architecture is unquestionable, and if you’re looking to comfort yourselves after she passed away, this stunning collection might be a good place to start. Other than that, you are always welcomed to research Zaha Hadid’s amazing projects and get a glimpse of what true artistic skills are all about.

Perrin Paris & Zaha Hadid


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