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Palazzo Donizetti Hotel in Turkey is up for sale

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A great touristic destination recently opened in Istanbul has now been listed up for sale. Honoring the name of Giuseppe Donizetti, the famous Italian classic music composer that used to live in Beyoğlu during the Ottoman Empire, the Palazzo Donizetti Hotel is situated near the Istiklal Street in Istanbul Turkey.

The historical building was previously used as a guesthouse and now, this over 100 years old hotel has 77 Rooms, extensive SPA facilities and great restaurants after it was renovated last year. It now assures its guests comfort, elegance and luxury in a private ambiance, right in one of the most beautiful and history-shaped capitals in the world.

The Palazzo Donizetti Hotel is painted in antique Italian tones, with Venetian influence. Italian Carrera marble was used at its construction and it also comprises stained glass lighting combined with tall ceilings decorated with golden foils and classic motifs that give it a unique atmosphere.

One can watch the beautiful Taksim Square from the 105 years old antique elevator, and enjoy a great view over a big part of Beyoğlu city. The hotel’s price is available only upon request and has been listed on Sotheby’s International.

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