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Ornate Garden’s rotating pods are perfect for your backyard

Ornate Garden has come up with an astonishing solution for outdoor living, a marvelous range of rotating pods with four different designs, each of them perfect for your garden or backyard. The Deluxe Summerhouse is the first on the list, available at a price of $26,550. Currently being the latest designed, it delights its owner with enough space to lounge and feel cozy, alone or with his friends. They boast huge, all-around windows to help you feel one with nature and to allow you to commune with nature herself.

In addition, it’s decked with two exquisite built-in sofas and total protection from the elements, including a stainless steel roof that also reflects the heat and ensures shade. The temperature inside is also being partially maintained by the bronze-tinted windows that remove glare.

The access into the pod is made via an intelligent lift-up-and-over door, on both the right and the left sides of the pod. Measuring 2.8 meters in height and 3.33 meters in diameter, the lavishness of the pods is easily demonstrable.  The pods are endowed with a 240 V power supply that ensures enough energy to power the lights and to create an enticing atmosphere via a soft color changing mood lighting. Partly customizable, Ornate Garden allows owners to choose the color they want for the walls, flooring and interiors.

The other brand new design is The Dine “Large Pod”. Just like the aforementioned one, it costs $26,550 and provides its owner with brand new dining experiences. It can also serve as a superb separate office, lounge or get-away, being able to accommodate up to 14 guests in a pleasurable and spacious environment. The construction features 16 laminated beamed structures on the outside as well as a waterproof vinyl interior.

Furthermore, additional ventilation is provided by the outer top hood, while its interior is carefully insulated to shelter the occupants from cold and rainy weather. Just like the previous, the pod boasts polished stainless steel that offers protection for its bottom and top, and avoids any problems regarding the temperature inside.

This particular pod can be rotated 360 degrees, refreshing your view of the outside whenever you desire. Need some fresh air? No problem, the door slides cleanly into the roof lining and the two windows available can be opened whenever the need arises. Power gets provided by the 20W solar panel and the 12V charging system.

[Ornate Garden via BornRich]


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