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Novitec Takes the McLaren 570S Spider to the Next Level

Novitec McLaren 570S Spider

There are many incredible supercars refined by Novitec out there, and today we get to feast our eyes on a new one. The McLaren 570S Spider just received a special Novitec package, that’s quite similar to the company’s Coupe offering, but it’s a few steps above the standard 570S Spider and we just had to take a closer look.

Keeping in line with their familiar design lines, the guys from Novitec equipped this beauty with several naked carbon fiber components, taking this car’s aerodynamics to perfection and making it look a lot more aggressive. There’s a brand new front spoiler, meant to reduce front-axle lift at high speeds, working alongside the rear spoiler, that was specially designed to improve stability.

Novitec McLaren 570S Spider

Novitec’s McLaren 570S Spider also comes with carbon rocker panels, which enhance the side view, and tailor made carbon covers for the air vents and the sides of the rear bumper. Riding on 20″ wheels on the front axle and 21″ at the rear and sitting on Novitec sports springs which lower the ride height by 30 mm, this McLaren is bound to turn a few heads on the streets.

Things get even more interesting once you find out that the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 benefits from a chip tuning module dubbed as the Novitec N-Tronic, as well as a new high performance exhaust system, thus allowing the engine to develop an extra 76 ponies, bringing its total to a cool 646 hp and 692 Nm.

With all that extra power, this McLaren 570S Spider can do 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 3.0 seconds, while the top speed stands at 335 km/h or 208 mph. Not bad for a convertible, right?

Novitec McLaren 570S Spider


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