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Novitec Adds a Touch of Style to the Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Novitec

Let’s pretend, at least for a few seconds, that we had no clue about the massive electric power behind the Tesla Model S. With that in mind, this sporty saloon could easily benefit from a twin turbo V8, a cool exhaust system for some added grunt and outrageous alloys to match the package. Don’t you agree? However, reality begs to differ.

Although we would love nothing more than for someone to go crazy and fit the Model S with a petrol-powered engine, for now, we have to make due with Novitec’s reinterpretation of Elon Musk’s idea. A new range of cool personalization options and tuning parts have been specially developed for the Tesla Model S, including a carbon fiber body kit.

The kit displays a front spoiler lip, new rocker panels, and a rear spoiler lip and a sporty diffuser, set to add to the aerodynamic efficiency of the car. Also worth mentioning are the shop’s 21″ NV2 alloys, custom designed for the Tesla Model S in cooperation with Vossen.

Tesla Model S Novitec

If you still want more, you are also encouraged to go for the company’s coilover suspension which will add the option to adjust ride height, allowing you to choose between one of three settings – Comfort, Normal and Sport.

Also to be added is a carbon-ceramic high-performance braking system, that might prove in handy if you’re planning to take this baby out on the track – we already know the Tesla Model S can handle its business.

On the inside, the sky is the limit. Novitec’s wide range of high-end leathers or Alcantara, complemented by various options and sporty details, will help you create the luxurious interior you’ve always dreamed about.

Tesla Model S Novitec


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