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New Zealand’s Hapuku Lodge Takes You On A Trip To The Wild Side

By Victor Baker


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Hapuku Lodge

Located in Kaikoura, New Zealand, in a spectacular setting where the mountains shock and awe with their beauty and the ocean is always close by, the Hapuku Lodge is jaw dropping retreat, with extraordinary tree houses that look like they came right out of a fairy tale.

Boasting eco-friendly luxury suites that overlook a deer farm, olive groves, orchards, and a vineyard, this incredible resort reminds us there are still ways and places around the world where people can enjoy breathtaking luxury without having a negative influence on the environment.

Since 1995, travelers arriving here get to rest their heads with the Kaikoura Seaward Mountain Range on one side and the beautiful Mangamaunu Bay on the other.

Hapuku Lodge

The Hapuku Lodge includes contemporary luxury suites, as well as five beautiful tree houses designed to blend in with the overwhelming natural surroundings. All these gorgeous accommodations benefit from spacious rooms, with locally handcrafted furniture and any modern amenities one might need nowadays.

But the tree houses are definitely more impressive than everything else, standing tall at 30 feet above ground, in the canopy of a native Manuka grove. Featuring large windows, that allow natural light to enter your dwelling, these tree houses allow guests to take a good look from above at the resort’s astonishing surroundings.

But we’re quite sure staying in is not the only option here, and exploring such beautiful grounds should be an incredible adventure every guest should take. When the sun sets in this heavenly corner of our planet, tasty meals with fresh local ingredients and a blazing fire will warm your heart and soul and get you ready for the next day.

Hapuku Lodge

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