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New York City’s Ultra-Luxurious 432 Park Avenue Apartment Building

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Park Avenue is one of New York City’s most prestigious, not to mention expensive, street – and the opulent apartment building we are about to showcase is a perfect illustration of this fact.

The apartment is part of 432 Park Avenue, a highly exclusive residential building and one of the tallest buildings in the United States. It offers 104 luxurious condos, all extremely spacious and light, at an incredible 30,000 square-feet each and with 12.5-foot ceilings and 10 x 10-foot windows. Designed by Deborah Berke, the apartments boast such amenities as oak flooring and Italian marble countertops, while the building itself offers residents climate-controlled wine cellars, an outdoor terrace, a spa, a massage therapy room, and a pool. And of course, there are the views through those exceptionally large windows from apartments soaring 96 stories (almost 1,400 feet!) into the Manhattan sky.

While 432 Park Avenue’s penthouse, the highlight of the entire building/complex, has already been sold for a staggering $95 million, apartments are still available for prices ranging from $17.5 million to $80 million.

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