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nanoFlowcell Unveils the New QUANT F Model at the Geneva Motor Show

By Brody Patterson


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One of the most intriguing concepts showcased during the 2014 Geneva Motor Show was the nanoFLOWCELL Quant e-Superlimousine, an amazing machine powered by flow cell batteries and salt water. This year, once again, nanoFlowcell is in Geneva to present its newest creation, the QUANT F.

An evolution of the model showcased last year, the QUANT F looks fairly similar, but features new “QUANTeYES” headlights and a rear spoiler that automatically deploys at 80 km/h (49 mph). It also comes with a new carbon fiber monocoque, allowing for more space in the interior.

However the much more interesting modifications are elsewhere. The new electric vehicle boasts an improved nanoFlowcell which continuously feeds over 50 amperes of current into a cutting-edge buffer system that is briefly able to supply over 2000 amperes when needed for full performance. The QUANT F also features a new 2-speed automatic transmission, a maximum output of 1090 PS (801 kW), and an increased range of 497 miles (800 km). Its maximum speed is an impressive 186 mph (which is the equivalent of about 300 km/h).


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