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MotoArt unveiled the awesome DC-10 Cowling Bed

By Adrian Prisca


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If you think your old / new furniture isn’t good enough, then you really need to take a glimpse of what MotoArt designs have in store for us. Refurbished vintage airplane parts are being made furniture by the same company. Besides furniture, their collection comprises sculptures and different pieces that honor the history of aviation.

Now, parts from a 380-passenger McDonnell Douglas DC-10 became the DC-10 Cowling Bed, a new addition to MotoArt’s collection. This 105-inch bed is not so hard to squeeze through standard doorways and the risk of damage is minimal, because of the fact that it is divided into two sections.

It comes fitted with glowing LED lights, assuring its owner with a feeling of comfort and warmth. It’s customizable, thus fulfilling any needs, plus it’s beautifully polished and painted. The price of this bed is in between expensiveness and cheapness, around $22,500 a piece.

Still, it may be a unique and special addition to your residence, bringing a bit of aviation experience and history into your bedroom and life.


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